Escort terminology guide in USA

Escort terminology guide in the United States

DISCLAIMER: Many audiences are interested in knowing the escort terminology. The information provided here is for those who are interested in understanding and knowing the same. In the adult industry, a lot of terminologies are being used. In this service, you can know about all those terminologies that you can use to understand and choose your service. This is a general guideline that depicts all the terminology. Not necessarily every agency offering service in the adult industry provides these services. Those who are in legal outcall entertainment service might not offer the same to their clients. You can always talk to your service providers about what type of service they offer. You can always expect to receive high-quality service from your service provider.

Complete research is being made to bring to our clients the updated escort terminology list. You can go through it and enjoy.

So go through it;

420: Marijuana

69: Terms used to specify particular terminology were both female and male associate in cunnilingus and fellatio.

AC/DC: Bisexual

Anal Sex, A-Level: It is the state where the private part of the male penetrates through the partner’s anus.

Anal Beads: This is an act where strings of beads are moved in and out during the orgasm.

ATM: Ass to the mouth

Bag: colloquialism for condom

BBBJTC: Bareback blow job to the complete

Bareback: slang without the condom

BBW: Big Beautiful Woman; Focus on the word big

BBFS: Full Service Bareback

Blackhole: Anus

B&D: Bondage and Discipline

Balloons: Implant of breast

Beret: Slang used for condom

Bisexual: Sensual preference for female and male

BL: Ball Licking

Brown Eye: Anus

Blue Steel: blue pill

BLS: Licking as well as sucking of ball

Blue Pill: Viagra

Birdwatching: Bareback blow job to the complete and female swallows

Boner: Due to sensual stimulation, the erection of the private part of the male

Bulldyke: A masculine lesbian

Brown Shower: Excretion on your partner

Blow Job (short form BJ): Oral sensual activity performs by men. It is also known as fellatio.

Butch: Denotes a lesbian who acts in a masculine way

Butter Face: Represent a woman whose face is not attractive but has a really stimulating body.

Baby Dyke: a youthful female who is lesbian and have just come out from the closet

BDSM: Bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism. A well popular role play that involves two or more number of individuals and is consist of a large number of sensual practices which are mainly inflicting pain and restraint

CBJ: This is a slang used as fellatio slang with condom

Canine: Slang used for representing the doggy style

CC Rider: Usually it is about an escort who gives a full service in exchange of less than or equal to $200/ hr

COB: Usually seen on the breast

Cover: Slang used for condom

Coitus: Used to denoted sensual companionship

COF: Come of Face

Cat Bath: The licking of one’s front as well as back by the partner

Clock-Watcher: This is a term used for the situation when an escort counts for the time when the client gives up. Thus the appearance of the escort is like she is not enjoying her work and has a great rush.

Cowgirl: Knees astride when an escort rides on the top

Cups of Coffee: Usually a scenario when an escort allows multiple times orgasm

Call Girl: A female providing outcall services. But sometimes associate with the agency to offer services to clients.

CD: Cross-dresser/Transvestite. A person who behaves like the opposite gender for both emotional as well as sensual gratification

CMT: Full form is a Certified Massage Therapist. A professional massage provider

Cunnilingus: Female genitals are stimulated through this oral practice

Cash and Dash: A rip-off. The females visit you and take the payment but never provide you a service. The best she can do is a dance if you are lucky enough

CIM: Full form is Come in mouth. Escorts gibe permission to the clients for ejaculation in the mouth of the escort.

CMD: Full form is Carpet matches drapes. Trust for some blonds

Crime Scene Action: Having sensual companionship during periods.

DDG: Drop Dead Gorgeous

DFK: Deep French Kissing

Doggy Style, Doggy: A typical position where one bends down on the knees while the other makes an entry from behind.

Doubles: A threesome usually includes two providers

DT: Full form is Deep Throat. In this state, the provider takes the entire private part of the client in her mouth

D&T: Deep and Tight

Dance and Dash: “Cash and Dash”

Date: A time spend with an escort

Date Rape: The sensual assault form that takes place on a date by the partner

DATY: Dining at the “Y” Cunnilingus usually acted by the client on the escort

DDE: Full form is doesn’t do extras. PS only.

Deposit: Normally escort agencies urge for an upfront fee as a tool to guard against no-shows

DIY: Full form is Do it yourself; It means masturbation

Dominance: Either the client or the escort is dominated by the other partner with their consent.

DP: Has two meanings. 1. Deep Penetration or 2. Digital Penetration

Drag King: For performance, a female dresses up like a male.

Dyke: Slang used for lesbian

Ejaculate: The ejaculation of semen from the private part of the male during

Erogenous Zone: Parts of the body that react to the touch

Escort: An individual who escorts male or female to a party, restaurants, as well as corporate functions. Even the individual can take you to the hotspots of Las Vegas and also stand as your ideal partner in your private space.

Exotic: An unusual form of striptease that stands exciting, thrilling and tempting.

ED: Erectile Dysfunction

Enhancements: Breast implants

Erotic: A specialty of the escort which mainly involves dedication and sincerity of the lady for the rising of the sensual urges or love

Exhibitionist: An individual urges for sensual gratification by showcasing their attributes to the others

Face Painting: Ejaculation of man on the face of a woman

FBSM: Full form is Full Body Sensual Massage. Massage is provided to the clients in topless or nude position

Fellatio: Sensual activities that mainly includes nibbling, kissing or penis sucking

FIV: Putting Finger in the Vagina

FJ: Full form is a Foot job. Stimulating penis with the help of toes or feet

Foot Fetish: Sensually stimulating one with the help of shoes or feet. Denotes one who is obsessed with shoes or feet

FOTC: Fuck of century

French Kissing: An activity of kissing that involves tongues which stand as deep in nature

Full Service (Short form is FS): Concerned with oral or vaginal companionship

Facial: Ejaculating on the face of the female

Felching: Mainly involves two meanings. 1. Sucking of semen out from the anus or vagina; 2. Putting animals into vagina or anus

Femme: A women lesbian

Five-O: An undercover or uniform police officer

Flake, Flaky: It generally comes to providers who offer no show or hold any conflicts regarding scheduling.

Foreplay: Generating a sensual response through touches, stroking and kissing and other activities

FOV: Finger outside the vagina

Full Metal Deal: Full Service which starts from vaginal mingling to the completion

Gayborhood: A place which is habitant of the lesbians or the gays

Gender Identity: When a person identifies sensuality as male, female, girl or boy

Gender Queer: A person who goes beyond the limit of sensual orientation or identity

GFE: Full firm is Girl Friend Experience. People think her as your partner or wife when both of you are together

Greek: It includes the private part of the male which is stimulated through sensual activity in the anus

Gaydar: An ability to recognize gay

Gender Identity Disorder: This term is used to identify individuals who are transsexual or transgender by psychologists and physicians

Gender Variance: The behavior different from the defined rule for the male is “masculine” and females in “feminine”

Glove: Slang used for condom

GS: Full form is Golden Shower. A situation where the partner urinate

Hand Job (HJ): sensual stimulation caused due to masturbation

HME: Honeymoon experience

Half & Half (50/50): Denotes partial sensual companionship along with oral and is designed by the Americans

HM: Full form is High mileage. It implies getting the finest companionship experience for the money

Horny: Sensually aroused

In-Call: Clients make a journey to the location of the escort for getting the service related to adult entertainment. It is generally opposite of out-call

Jimmy Hat: Slang used for condom

Jack Shack: This usually denotes an establishment related to lingerie modeling or massage parlor. You will not get full service from here.

Kiss: The act of two lips that involves showing care through touching mutually

Kama Sutra: Refers to the sensual manual of India created by Vatsyayana

Landing Strip: Public hair description

LBFM: Full form is a Little brown fucking machine. US Navy-Filipino ladies who used to work in the bars based around Subic Bay. Out of these women, many used to look for boyfriends as well as husbands in the military men. This became the standard reference at the time of the Vietnam War. From then, it represents the dark skin ladies in the poorer country. These ladies used to work in hans in the bars or prostitution to date foreigners.

Lesbian: Women attracted to other women sensually as well as emotionally

LGBT: Full form is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

Little Blue Pill: Viagra

LMP: Full form is a Licensed, Massage Practitioner

Lone Star Lesbian: A babe who depend on one person throughout life for fulfilling sensual desires

L/A/S: Looks/Attitude/Service which is a scale/ranking system where every criterion are ranked separately. The score starts from 1 scaling to ending at 10

Lazy Dog: Generally represent doggy style with a female on her stomach

LE: Law Enforcement

LFK: Full form is Light French Kissing. Activity including tongue

Lipstick Lesbian: Female associated with love in cosmetics as well as other women

Little Man in a Boat: Clitoris

LMT: Full form for Licensed Massage Therapist

Lot Lizard: Prostitute working in the parking lot of truck and make use of CB radio to solicit

Mall, Escort Mall: Website proffering variety of escort agencies as well as independent escorts

Masturbation: Stimulating the genital of one’s own or someone else to achieve orgasm

MFAQL: Full form is Marry first, ask questions later

Mileage: A term used to show the provider accommodation for money that she paid. The provider charges less than average or offer a great ranking in L/A/S or both

Mish: Missionary Position; during sensual activities, the man is on the top position

MMF, MFM, MFF: MMF = Male, Male, Female; MFM = Male, Female, Male; MFF = Male, Female, Female

MP: Holds two meaning 1. Massage Parlor; 2. Multiple Positions

MPCFS: Full form is Multiple Positions Covered Full Service

MSOG: Full form is Multiple Shots on goal. The client is allowed to taste more than one orgasm in the session

Madame: Proprietress of a bordello or agency

Man in a Boat: Clitoris

Mediterranean: Anal sex

MG: Massage Girl

MILF: Mom I’d Like to Fuck. A state in the ’30s or ’40s

Missionary Position: The man resides on the top with his face toward her and the woman lies on her back

Mohawk: Pubic hair description

MPA: Massage Parlor Attendant

MPOS: More than one time orgasms in a session

Multiple Pops: Slang for multiple time orgasms in a session

Newbie: A novice service provider in the escorting

No-Show: When an escort or client does not make their scheduled appointment

Nooner: A session that takes place at lunch or afternoon. It is performed by active partners

NQBS: Non-Quitter, But Spitter – CIM and the part spit out the semen

NSA: Full form is No Strings Attached

NE: Full form is Northern Exposure. The upper portion of the body of the provider is exposed counting the breasts

NFS: Full form is Non-Full Service. A session which doesn’t count sensual mingling

No-Touch: Full form is Touching not allowed in the session

NQBC: Full form is Non-Quitter, but covered. CBJ to completion

NQNS: Full form is Non-Quitter, Non-Spitter – CIM and the partner drinks the semen

Off-The-Clock: Additional service is provided without charging anything

OWO: Oral without; meaning oral with no condom

O, Os: Orgasm, orgasms

Out-Call: Escorts make a journey to the client’s place which can be a hotel or home to offer their adult entertainment service. It is opposite of in-call

Pearl Necklace: Ejaculation on the chest and neck of the partner

Pimp: Individual look after the business development of the prostitutes

POS: Full form is Pussy on the Side

Provider: An escort

PSE: Full form is Porn Star Experience. A provider who possess a high level of energy and shows deep concern on the nasty factors

PV: Private Viewing. Happens at a Jack Shack

Party Hat: Slang for condom

Pillow Queen: Individual willing to have delightful moments but never reciprocates

Pops, Multiple: When the escort permits multiple orgasms in the session

Power Dyke: Lesbian holding power of position

PS: Private Show. Striptease is done in the room or the home of the client

Puffies: swollen or enlarged Breasts

Queer: A term used to refer an individual who is all-inclusive lesbian gay, transgender escorts or bisexual

Raincoat: Slang for condom

Reverse Massage: When the provider receives a massage by the client

RHG: Red Hot Gem. A beautiful and efficacious escort whom one needs to see in the return

RL: Rose Leafing. Includes tongue activity on the anus

Roses: Currency exchange in the world of escort in which one rose equals one U.S. Dollar

R&T: Rub and Tug. Hand Job

Reverse Cowgirl: Partner is on the top position facing a different way

Reverse Oral: Involves doing the oral sensual activity by the client on the escort

Rimming: licking around anus orally

Role-Play: The escorts dress up as per the request of the clients. The role play depends on the dress of the escort

Russian: Stimulation of the private part of the men by rubbing it between the breasts of the women

San Juan Capistrano: A BBBJTC involving drinking the semen

Screening: Escorts willing to work under agency have to go through this screening where every aspect and information of theirs is been verified.

Self-Service: Masturbation practiced at the arrival of a client at the Jack Shack

Sexual Orientation: sensual preference of a person

SG: Street girl

Shots On Goal: Failed at obtaining orgasm

Slam, Slammed: An escort faces abusive criticism or harsh comments

Snowball: Happens when a partner gives the semen back through kissing

SOG: See Shots On Goal

SMOF: Sat on my face

Southern France: Fellatio with no condom

Spanish (USA): When finger, toy or private part of a man is pulled out of the anus, and inserted into the mouth of the client

Spinner: Represent a babe who is petite in proportions measuring less than 110 lb or 5’4”.

SRS: Sexual reassignment surgery

Striptease: In a private ambiance when an escort slowly undresses with music playing around. You will get such a service when you select an escort from an agency

Submissive: A situation in which the partner is dominated in BDSM relationship

Sunshine, Sunny: slang for without condom

Sybian: A mechanical device for the sensual activity that is half-barrel shaped with a dildo in the middle

Salad Tossing: Tonguing the anus orally

Scat: Defecation on your partner

Self-Post: An escort who posts her own reviews to boost up their business. Sometimes it is done for practicing purpose

Session: Time spent with the provider or an escort

SFH: Full form is Sex for hire

She Male: A transsexual living like a woman without SRS

Sixty Nine: Another name for 69

SLGHCSWAP: “So little game he can’t score with a pro.”:

SO: Significant other

Soixante Neuf: Another name for 69

South of the Border: Location of the genitals

SP: Service Provider or known as escort

Spanking: Paddling or striking a submission on the butts

Squirting, Squirter: Ejaculation of the female

STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease

Stud: Represents the African American lesbian dominant as well as a butch

Summer Teeth: Some missing teeth

SW: Has two meanings 1. Street Walker; 2. Sex Worker

Take Care of Business: Payment made to the escort

TG: Transgender. Shemale, etc.

Tipping Required: Escorts urge for more money than she has demanded at first for providing the service. Bargaining can be done

TS: Full form is Table Shower. An activity including client laying on the raised table and washed by an attendant

Transexual: Undergoing SRS

TUMA: Tongue Up My Ass

Two Call System: Potential clients are offered the general location in the first call only. In the second call, the client is given the specifics

Teabag, Tea-bagging: An activity where the man squats and then dips his testicles in the mouth of his partner

Throne Job: Slang for masturbation, usually don in a large chair

TOFTT: Took One For The Team. An activity performed in groups in which some goes through a bad experience session with the escort

Trolling: Cruising for escorts

Turft: Slang used for pubic hair description

TV: Transvestite.

Un-Translated French: A slang used as oral sex without a condom

Up-Sell: A state where the escort request for some prior remuneration to reach the session

Umbrella: Slang used for condom

Uncovered: Slang used for without condom

UTR: Full form is Under The Radar. Low profile maintaining

VD: Venereal Disease

Water Sports: Urination play

With: Slang used for with condom

Womym: Industry spelling for woman or women

XOXOXO: Hugs and kisses: X = Kiss; O = Hugs

WAH: Wild Ass Humping

WF: Wild Fuck

Without: Slang used for without condom

Working Girl: A prostitute

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary which means that preferences differ where escorts or provider experiences vary


The best attempt is been made to make you understand the different escort terminology. Well, the information provided here is up to date to the best of the knowledge. But in any case, it is requested to go through the terminology of the city before you make an approach. There can be cases where this terminology might mean totally different from them. The situation can be so worse that you might face legal issues as well. So keep yourself updated to the best possible. Before visiting any city you need to search and check for the updated escort terminology. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the escort terminology published on this page.

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