Erotic Massage

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Why you Gonna Try the Art of Erotic Massage in Vegas

Nude Massage Las Vegas for Body and Soul

Nude massage in oriental theories, in contrast to Western theories, has always been considered the basis of healing of the soul and body. In the west, already learned the charm of sensual massage, in which special hormones are produced in the body, they are called “endorphins”. They heal both physically and mentally. Sensual massage Las Vegas NV perfectly removes stress and tension, thus having a complex effect.

Pleasure to Increase Pleasure

In addition, sexy in room massage Las Vegas NV is a great way to open the world of your own sensations and increase the pleasure of your partner. We offer you a series of erotic stimulating exercises with practical advice on how to do them and receive pleasure at the same time. Escort massage Las Vegas NV also enriches internal sensations. Sexual arousal awakens energy that affects the brain and body.

Sensual Massage with a Long History

Here, we are taught by the thousand-year-old Chinese theory of Tao. Here, in Las Vegas we offer sensual massage mainly used in the theory of Tao. XXX massage in Las Vegas awakens the sexual energy of the body, prolonging moments of pleasure and ecstasy during sex. This energy is converted into spiritual energy and this provides a common harmony of the soul and body.

Ancient Tao Technique

In the theory of Tao, it is said that pleasure extends through the body along special “meridian” paths. When it reaches the brain, it turns into spiritual energy, into inspiration. A person has only 12 meridians distributed throughout the body.

Yin and Yang

The word “Tao” means “the way.” This refers to the origin of the world, the root of understanding life and awareness of our destiny. In China, it is believed that the Tao philosophy leads to harmony and restores the balance between the two opposite but complementary forces: “yin” – white, bright, outer, active energy and “yang” – male, black, inner energy. The development of “yin” and “yang” depends on 5 basic emotions that correspond to 5 basic elements: water – fear, fire – excitement, wood – anger, earth – sadness and metal – pain.

Way to Harmony

Asian sensual massage in Las Vegas leads to inner peace, in other words, harmony, and balance between the five emotions and the corresponding elements. In this case, the union of male and female beginnings is achieved. Thus, sexy massage Las Vegas helps us to find the balance between body and soul, in our thoughts and in our actions. To engage in XXX massage in Las Vegas, which brings a deeper moral satisfaction, is recommended to all those who wants more widely get to know the world of their sexuality.

Atmosphere for XXX massage

Relaxing Ambience Matters

Before we start the sexy massage, it is very important to choose the right setting. The room should be warm enough, as both partners will be naked, and it should not be very large, creating a sense of intimacy. Adult massage in Las Vegas is provided with pleasant and cozy atmosphere, to promote maximum relaxation.

Nothing Will Distract You from Pleasure

During the best erotic massage in Las Vegas, no one will bother us, so as not to disturb the process of our concentration. All that we may need during a massage should be in the room. Don’t worry; we won’t be distracted by search of something, interrupting contact between us. Asian sensual massage Las Vegas can be done in the bedroom. Also, we may need spare sheets or a few towels that we can use during the XXX massage for our greater comfort. Like all the necessary things, they will be in our room.

Burn your main senses with exotic Massage Las Vegas

For full disclosure of sexuality and sensation of the eroticism of the moment, not only touch, but all 5 senses should participate in sensual massage Las Vegas.

Discover Yourself with Erotic Massage Las Vegas

Sexual massage Las Vegas will help you to fully discover and explore your basic senses.

  • Tasting – For example, we can provide a taste sensation by preparing food or drinks, such as refreshing drinks or fruits.
  • Olfaction – We will use Aroma oils to stimulate the sense of smell.
  • Hearing – To enjoy the sense of hearing, we can stay in silence or under the pacifying music, which should not attract special attention. If you would like, we can include classical music.
  • Vision – Our eyes can be pleased by a room view decorated with flowers and objects that we both like. Warm and soft lighting is welcome. Ideally, we can use closed lamps or candles.

Choose Your Type of Erotic Massage Las Vegas

Here at, we offer a variety of top-requested massage options. What you choose depends on what your goal is. If you want to release accumulated sexual tension and get rid of stress you can book sexual massage Las Vegas; if you want to enjoy subtle pleasurable sensations and discover your body potential, you should probably choose erotic room massage; if you prefer to experience the touch of gentle oriental girl’s hands, then erotic Asian massage would be the best option for you.

Let’s Consider a Few of Them

Sensual Massage Las Vegas

Vegas sensual massage technique involves soft, slow and gentle touches, which makes it one of the most intimate massages among others. Except full body treatment, a masseuse focuses on your erogenous parts like nape of the neck, earlobes, inside thighs, nipples, buttocks or others, sometimes discovering unexpected sensitive spots like scalp, inner wrists, belly (or belly button), back of the knees, soles, etc.

Nuru Massage Las Vegas

Slippery massage technique involves full body contact and body-to-body sliding. A naked masseuse places a lot of oil or Nuru gel over your whole body and begins to rub and slide over you. This type of massage always brings a huge arousal to a client and sometimes may lead to special ending if agreed in advance by both the client and the masseuse.

Erotic Massage Las Vegas

Erotic Massage usually combines several techniques mainly intended to help a client explore his/her body sensations, knead stresses and tensions away and feel deep relaxation. It usually involves using relaxing music, romantic candle lights and aroma oils to set the right mood and enable the client to enjoy the power of magic touches.

Why Vegas Nuru Massage is So Special

So What an Erotic Nuru Massage Is

In recent years, Nuru massage has become very popular and ultra-trendy among other erotic massage techniques in Las Vegas NV.

So what is it? It’s a Japanese traditional

body-to-body sexual massage

using unique seaweed oil that is extra-slippery and often involving the use of

a special inflatable mattress. A masseuse slips and slides all over a client’s oiled body to reach the ultimate full-body contact making him\her both relaxed and aroused to the fullest extent.

Try Professional Exotic Massage in Las Vegas!

Of course, you can try this erotic massage yourself with your partner learning from the Internet; however, there is a number of tips and tricks to reach ultimate pleasure which only professional Nuru masseuses know. Lasvegas escorts are specially trained to make you enjoy best erotic pleasures of Nuru massage in Las Vegas NV.

Experience this Sexy Massage Las Vegas

Nuru Massage Kit

Only Natural Oil

An exotic massage Las Vegas is impossible without using high-quality natural oil or natural-based gel. It is not necessarily a

seaweed gel. For nude body-to-body massage Las Vegas, we use best natural oils matching to client’s requirements, these could be pure coconut or almond oil or a blend of different oils like jojoba, lemongrass, mandarin, olive oils, shea or mango butters, etc., intended to reach both the smoothest full-body glide as well as helping a client immerse him/herself into the world of exotic pleasures.

Special Sheets

We use dedicated sheets and sometimes special protectors exclusively for Nuri massage Las Vegas which are good to hold extra oil to avoid uncomfortable sensations or mess and enable you to enjoy best erotic massage Las Vegas ever.

Entire Body Arousal

Our exotic masseuse will use traditional high-end techniques of sexual massage Las Vegas gliding her whole hot body along your skin providing the best body-to-body contact, which is the core idea of Nuru massage. She will start with your head gliding your chest and belly, then moving smoothly to your legs. She will be sliding and gliding up and down your skin and body using long up/down glides, wave-like moves and circular motions to make you feel absolutely switched off, totally relaxed and highly aroused like you are in heaven.

Stunning Effect of Erotic Asian massage Las Vegas

The most powerful and amazing effect of Asian naked massage Las Vegas is achieved by intimate skin and body contact from soothing back massage to extremely relaxing butt massage, which tends to help you explore a whole body experience creating a brand new level of relaxation and arousal through slipping and sliding.

To the Highest Point

Once you have experienced the first part of the Las Vegas Naked Massage with an exotic escort masseuse gliding up and down your back, you will be offered to flip over. Get ready for the most arousing and incredible part. A masseuse will tenderly slide over the front side of your body touching its most sensitive maintaining maximum entire body contact dragging her breasts and nipples over your skin, thus teasing

you more and more until you feel the highest arousal all over your body.

Using Hands is Important

During the nude massage Las Vegas, except gliding and sliding over your whole body, a masseuse will start touching your most sensitive points with her gentle hands awakening your greatest sexual sensations and making those aroused parts of your body extremely relaxed and transfixed at the same time as well as slowly stimulating them to reach the slippery happy ending.

erotic massage parlors in Las Vegas

Mutual Pleasure with Sensual Couples Massage Las Vegas

Generally, Vegas is considered a place where a man can get rid of any boundaries and try forbidden things which are impossible in a normal family life. But there is also a large percentage of those who would like to try something new for both partners to add freshness and a bit of spice to life routine as well as improve or refresh a relationship, fulfill some secret fantasies or discover new ways and techniques in sexual life. If you are among them, welcome to erotic couples massage Las Vegas.

Perfect Option

If you want to enjoy relaxing and pleasurable moments together as well as improve communication with your couple and discover your sexuality, don’t hesitate to book the best sensual massage for couples in Las Vegas. Surely, your partner thought about getting relaxed with another person but you at least once feeling intrigued and curious about what it will be like; however, for those who consider using escort services unacceptable (“If I do so, I will be a cheating one”) Erotic Couples Massage Las Vegas is a perfect option.

Mutuality Instead of Individuality

For those who treasure their relationship, booking Las Vegas sensual couples massage will enable them to experience a new adventure together through caring hands and bodies of professional exotic masseuses as well as discover new levels of sensuality to open up their minds and bodies. Erotic couples massage Vegas will help you to improve the knowledge of his/her body and to discover hidden erogenous spots.

Ask Him/Her First

Booking Vegas erotic couples massage should be a mutual voluntary decision. Should you decide to enjoy sexy erotic massage for couples in Las Vegas, it’s better to discuss the idea with your partner first instead of presenting him/her with a fait accompli. Even if you prepared well and carefully thought out each detail, you may shock or embarrass him/her with this unexpected surprise.

Making a Surprise

However, if you decided to surprise your partner, you should at least figure out what he/she would prefer: a type of erotic massage (spa massage, erotic girl girl massage or body-to-body Nuru massage, etc.), a number of masseuses – one single girl or two girls (for each of you), massage session scenario, oils to be used, flowers to decorate the room, a place to choose (your home, a parlor or a hotel room), etc. No matter what you choose, we will adapt to your preferences and both you and your partner will never forget this mind blowing experience.

Voilà!.. Real Erotic Massages, Real Stories

Our Exotic Masseuse sharing her story

Benefits of Being an Exotic Masseuse in Las Vegas

The benefit of this job is a salary ten times higher than that of an oil company director’s assistant – my previous job – and a lot of time available for me and my family. The initial spring was money, now it’s freedom. If you start and you feel good (customers give me kindness unknown to my ex) you hardly stop. The first time I was involved in a “three-way meeting” by a beautiful college mate, a graduate in Communication Sciences and unsuspected like me.

Feeling Secure

With those who claim exclusivity instead I have to truncate. You do not know what satisfaction there is in saying “no” to those who simply do not rule with the requests. Without fear of losing a profit because my job knows no crisis. My family of origin, friends and even my husband simply know that I do the job before. It weighs on me to lie to him, but it would weigh more heavily on me: if I told you about the source of my earnings, they would immediately think of the dirtiest side of the matter.

Free Time for Personal Life

Instead I am proud of my business: I have time to accompany my mother to do dialysis, I go to the gym regularly, I take care of the house and especially the affections that is the thing that matters to me most. If I think of a child (who knows!) I think of my friends, a dozen, who do my same job, the only ones I do not have to lie with.

Many are single mothers who, after the failure of their respective marriages, have guaranteed their children the same life as before. Yesterday, for example, we greeted Ludovica, that of my first time, on the eve of the wedding. She decided to quit. When I talk about her with my husband, he jokes, saying, “Why don’t you go for her more? You’d be less nun”. On the street, in fact, he realizes that there is no man who catches my attention.

A Perfect Job for Me

I believe it, it’s work for me! And before returning to consider my husband as the expression of love, I need a few hours of decompression. For me, the greatest pleasure is reading a book from my husband before falling asleep. Like when, in the film La grande bellezza, Jep Gambardella tells the stripper Ramona: «It was nice not to make love. I had forgotten what it means to love each other. “

Henry: A gift for My Wife with Erotic Massage Las Vegas

Once, I decided to make a special birthday gift for my wife and called to I have checked the available options and chose Sensual Massage Las Vegas as my intention was to release her stress and make her forget about routine problems and leave all worries at least for one day. I wanted her to experience some erotic room massage; however, I didn’t want any other man to touch her as she is only mine (LOL), so I booked a sensual massage for women in Las Vegas. Well, here’s her story.

My Wife’s Sexual Massage Las Vegas Experience

When I came in the parlor after the bath it was already prepared: nice and comfortable overall ambience, the room was full of fresh flowers emitting very delicate fragrance, some relaxing music was on, lights were off except romantic aroma candles…and an amazingly beautiful petite Asian masseuse with a shining smile was waiting for me. She really made wowed with her stunning body and perfect skin.

She offered me to lie down, took some oil and started with light head massage rubbing my forehead and temples slightly massaging my scalp and ears.

Then she moved to my neck, shoulders going softly down to my back rubbing it with her small gentle hands. Then she took away the towel and I felt the touch of her breasts on my naked body. She placed her palms on my legs and started gliding up and down from toes to buttocks. My heart was pounding as I was feeling a bit embarrassed but excited at the same time. She moved her hands towards my inner thighs running up and down my legs with her breasts. I felt her nipples and that was so hot, my brain was about to explode of sexual tension.

Then she asked me to flip over and started sliding with her entire body all over mine massaging my breasts with her hands then sliding up and pressing them with her breasts. I was staying motionless and sometimes could see her sweat dolly face with that stunning smile.

I cannot remember each detail experienced during this girl girl sensual massage session as it just felt like I’ve reached nirvana. Just imagine, our oily bodies including intimate parts and sensitive zones were touching and rubbing each other. This body-to-body massage gave me a sensation of absolute and whole body connection. I have never experienced anything like that before and I would definitely do it again!